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India's environmental problems are rising at an alarming level. Severe air pollution, filthy rivers, and waste of natural resources are all issues India is dealing with daily.

Top ten tips to create premium grinding conditions for your workshop

A grinding machine can cost as much as a Ferrari, so treat it like one

Saltigoto focus more on business opportunities in India

LANXESS subsidiary showcases solutions at Chemspec India


LANXESS posts record earnings for 2017 and a good start to the new fiscal year

Exports of U.S. softwood lumber to India top USD 24.25 million in 2017

Demand for Southern Yellow Pine drives 165 percent increase in the overall value of American softwood lumber exports to India

Cortec® VpCI®-649 BD

Fights Corrosion, Scale, and Odor in Closed Loop Systems, Pipelines, Tanks, and More!

India's "Sunrise Industry - The Construction Chemicals industry"

India's "Sunrise Industry - The Construction Chemicals industry" is experiencing growth at a rapid pace. The market is still at a nascent stage in India as compared to developed countries because of the limited awareness with end users on the benefits that construction chemicals can provide. With overall economic growth, increased investments by Government in infrastructure and real estate, coupled with participation of overseas investors and contracting companies, construction chemicals segment is witnessing a surge in demand which is expected to accelerate in coming years. The prospects are bright with awareness about the sector gathering momentum.

Viscosity Modifying Admixture for Enhancing the Concrete Property

Chemical admixtures have made a significant contribution to the development of modem concrete technology. Today's construction practices need concrete of such high consistencies to enable it to be placed by tremie, conveyed through pipeline by pumping, self- leveling and compacting, all at a very low w/c ratio to achieve high strength and durability. This has become possible only by the use of chemical admixtures. There are hardly any important concrete in the world without the use of admixtures. They have become an integral part of modem concrete, a back bone material of modem construction.

Samir Surlaker Conferred Honorary Membership of CCMA for Contributions to the Construction Chemical Industry

Inauguration of SCC Conference. From L to R: Mr. A. J. Charles, Dr. B. L. Maheshwari, Mr. D. P. Sengupta, Mr. Arijit Basu, Mr. Nilotpol Kar, Mr. Samir Surlaker, Keynote Speaker Mr. Sumeet Agrawal and Mr. G. Manari

Stained Concrete Floors : Versatile Flooring Option

Using concrete floors is a very popular choice amongst corporations, designers, architects, homeowners and business owners due to the wide variety of designs they offer. Using concrete floor finishes allow individuals to get creative and get the exact results they are looking for. With the recent focus on sustainability and organic designs, chemically stained concrete flooring has achieved huge popularity. Staining produces a unique surface that's attractive, cost effective, and easily maintained.