Schwing Stetter India Private Limited

What motivated your company to participate in this Uganda Buildcon International Expo?

We as - SCHWING Stetter, a pioneer in concrete equipment manufacturing across the globe always want our customers to feel that they have chosen the right company & right product with strong presence and after sales support everywhere. We strive to bring new technologies in concreting equipment to fuel the infrastructure growth on a global scale and promote sustainable development. With this in mind, we thought it would be a proper platform to showcase the company's motto of – Total Concreting Solutions! & SCHWING Stetter is Always Close to the Customer. This was the main motivation behind participating in Uganda Buildcon 2022.

What product/services did your company display at the Expo?

Our concrete pump SP 1420 with 85 Bar Concrete Pressure & 58 cub m/h concrete output, the most suitable concreting product for Ugandan Market and Infrastructure needs was on display at the Uganda Buildcon 2022 at the SCHWING Stetter stall with the support of our delears Mairah International Ltd.

How was the response? Did you have spot sales/booking during the Expo?

The response was good enough to generate some strong inquiries and meet new prospects during the event. As far as sales is concerned, we would surely receive some good numbers due to impactful branding and on-ground presence of our dealer Mairah International Ltd, located at 6th Street Industrial Area, Plot 164, Kampala, Uganda.

Do you have your presence in Uganda? Or was this your first experience?

SCHWING Stetter has already established a solid presence in Uganda, and we have deployed various concreting machinery in some of the remarkable ongoing and finished projects in the country.

What have you learned during the exhibition, write your favourite experience or moment of the event?

The presence of Infrastructure development bodies of Uganda viz. UNABCEC, UNRA, NHC were highlights of the Uganda Buildcon, as these are the organizations that are responsible for infrastructure growth in the country. The delegates from these organizations created an amicable environment for discussions and displayed a welcoming attitude for the adaption of new technology in the sector.

Would you include Uganda in your marketing strategy now?

Uganda, being a growing nation has always been on marketing strategy of the company and will continue to remain on the list for long time to come.