Neptune Industries

What motivated your company to participate in this Uganda Buildcon International Expo?

There are many opportunities for growth and development in construction business in East African countries. Uganda is a key country in central/ east Africa that connects several demographic territories of importance, including those in South Sudan and Tanzania. This provides us the platform to capture a large potential market as well as connect with people who are involved in the construction and building materials industry in Uganda. This was the major factor that pushed Neptune towards participating in the Uganda Build Con International Expo.

What products or services did your company display at the Expo?

We displayed the products that are related to this industry and performing really well in the market. These include machines, equipment and plants, manufacturing concrete products as well as clay products that are essential for the building construction industry in Uganda and nearby countries. This is our major selling product in large demand currently in India and overseas and has helped in our overall business growth and development. We have also learnt valuable details during our interaction in Kampala We also realized our Compressed stabilized earth products very relevant in Uganda since these earth blocks does not require any firing.

How was the response? Did you have spot sales/booking during the Expo?

It was a good experience as after such a long period of break because of the COVID-19 lockdown in Uganda, a congregation of such Industry interface was created. It did attract several individual people as well as small and medium-scale Companies. Furthermore, this has also inspired people who are interested in becoming sales representatives or distributors in specific building construction companies. We have met with several business owners that have shown a good interest in our products and services. Hence, we are looking forward to working with them as soon as possible.

Do you have a presence in Uganda? Or was this your first experience?

This was our first experience in Uganda. We have strong presence in Southern Africa, Namibia and Malawi. Neptune has also previously done business in Rwanda, Kano and Lagos (Nigeria). That is why we are familiar with the techniques, as well as the business laws of African countries. Indeed, Uganda would be new to us.

What have you learned during the exhibition? What is your favourite experience or moment of the event?

We have learned a lot of things regarding business and its activities in international markets such as Uganda. Also, it was one of the positive experiences for us in terms of knowing the relevance of our products in the current business context of Uganda. Also, economically, there are a lot of chances for growth and profits in this industry for all the stakeholders. They will have easy access to the high-quality products and services that are being provided by Neptune at reasonable costs.

Would you include Uganda in your marketing strategy now?

Yes, definitely. We would prefer to include Uganda in our marketing strategy. We will be benefitted by the information that has been gained during the exhibition. This will not only allow us to expand our presence in Uganda, but it will also allow us to expand our business in other nearby demographically and geographically developing countries.